The Story Of Hey Nonny Nonny

Hey Nonny Nonny was founded in Heidelberg in 1991.

On the second demo "High" (1992) you can already hear the band's typical mixture of folk and wave elements. The local press even called them the German REM. From then onwards Hey Nonny Nonny was getting well known for their live performances.

During the following year they contributed some songs to three different sampler projects and played many concerts.

In 1994 they decided to produce a CD on their own. The songs were recorded in France and the final production took place in Karlsruhe. "Grow" was released in April. Press reviews were quite positive. A concert for the benefit of the children in Mostar was recorded by the radio station "Deutschland Radio".

In 1995 Hey Nonny Nonny contributed three songs to a sampler project again. This sampler was publicly presented in May 1995 at some concerts in southern Germany. In March the band played a concert at the Euro-Pop-Days in Freiburg, a big festival with over one hundred unsigned European bands. Only five percent of the bands which had applied were invited to play. The CD "Grow" has had an unexpected success in Brazil so far. It is very often played on radio. Hey Nonny Nonny was invited to come for a tour in 1996.

In late '95 another Sampler was released. A small record label asked to get the previousley unreleased song "Now" for a CD with 19 bands from southern Germany. Other bands on that sampler are: Masterboy, The Busters, Six Was Nine, Guru Guru, Walt Bender And The Emigrants, The Longjohnz, Bundy, Riddim Posse, Livin', Zobel, Curry, Slap Bang Weezle, Dead Anyway.

Also in late '95 drummer Handrin left the band, and the split of Hey Nonny Nonny was unavoidable. On April 12th 1996 they did their very last gig in their hometown Heidelberg.

In 1998 vocalist Kai and drummer Handrin produced the compilation CD "The best of HEY NONNY NONNY".

The band reunited for some revival gigs in 1999 and 2009.